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Doughnut Workshop

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Trzy lata temu, dokładnie w Tłusty Czwartek, razem z Igorem zostaliśmy zaproszeni do programu Pytanie na śniadanie, żeby na żywo smażyć pączki ;) To była świetna zabawa, ale i ogromny stres przed kamerami. Bo z pączkami wcale nie jest tak łatwo. Powinny być przygotowywane ze spokojem i dbałością ;)

W tamtym roku przygotowywałam pączki u siebie w domu razem z Konradem – profesjonalnym cukiernikiem i wspaniałym facetem. W jedną noc usmażyliśmy 1300 pączków charytatywnie dla Skawińskiego schroniska dla zwierząt.

Wielu z Was pytało mnie o to, jak zrobić pyszne pączki z różaną marmoladą jak marzenie. Stąd właśnie pomysł warsztatów. Będziemy robić pączki według tradycyjnego przepisu – czekam na Was!


Three years ago, precisely on Fat Thursday, I was invited to prepare homemade doughnuts during a breakfast TV show. My friend Igor joined the adventure and it was great fun and a lot of stress on the way. Making doughnuts in TV studio is a challenge, believe me! Doughnut pastry should be prepared with care in a relaxed atmosphere. Yeast needs warmth and time to grow - none of these happen when you’re being broadcasted live. We managed, though!

Last year I invited Konrad, who’s a top-class pastry chef to make doughnuts with me at my home in Krakow, and overnight we managed to cook 1300 doughnuts for animal charity! Many of you asked for the recipe, so this year we have decided to run a Doughnut Workshop for those who wants to learn our secret recipe for fresh and delicious home-made doughnuts! We’ll put our traditional recipe to use on February and you are more than welcome to join us so you can learn how to make your doughnuts fresh and tasty like heaven : ) Pączki baking is both an art and science, and it’s important to understand what your ideal dough consistency should feel like in your hands. Join us!

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About the cook, Marta

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Hello! I’m Marta, I'm sculptor, but i also love cooking. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my knowledge of my beautiful home town, and more about art of fermented foods/probiotics/prebiotics, both through the website I run eataway.com and with all the wonderful travellers I meet in person.

I also love cooking. That means delicious, home-made food freshly-prepared for my family and friends, and fun evenings of conversation and shared experiences. I’ve often thought when travelling myself how great it would be to have a meal with a local person.

Restaurants are great, but sometimes it seems it would be better to enjoy a home-cooked meal with someone who can also tell me a bit more about their experiences, their lives and their cities. So, I’ve decided to do exactly that. I cook for up to 12 people at my home in Krakow every Wednesday, sometimes Saturdays from around 7pm. And you’re invited. Please join me!

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