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Colombian & Venezuelan Snacks #2 84

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We would like to invite you to a fusion snack, one which mixes Venezuelan and Colombian traditional dishes. These two tropical countries own an amazing couisine, with food that was first prepared by the indigenous people when the Spanish colony used to live there by that time. Now, many generarions later, these dishes have evolved into what you are going to find and experience at our place.

Come and eat at a Latino place, listen to our music and enjoy a pleasant time taking with us and the other guests!

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About the cook, Edwin & Estefania


Hey you!

We are Edwin and Estefanía and we are a Colombian and a Venezuelan couple which met in Poland. Crazy, right?

Edwin was born in a warm city in Colombia called Barranquilla (do you know Shakira? That's her city too!). He came to study his Masters degree in Katowice 4 years ago and then moved to kraków to work at an American company called Aon. He also works on a personal project called Wild Pets World, in which he shares his passion as an Aquarist with people around the world and also offers services and products for aquariums. Estefania was born in Caracas and came to Poland with her brother 3 years ago and works in the same companyat as a Quality Analyst. Her passion is the photography so she helps me taking amazing pictures to my tanks. We both are animal and food lovers!!

This 2020 we decided to offer you the opportunity to try delicious foods from Colombia and Venezuela, which mainly involve a mix of fried foods, veggies, meats, secret sauces and more!

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