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New Year Eve at Zamenhofa

What will it be? Seasonal fruit and vegetables, home-made sauces, delicious dishes, cakes and an exceptional seasonal fruit jelly. We would like to invite you to our old flat in a 19th century mansion in the centre of Krakow. We planned the dinner from 7 to 11 pm so that the guests will have an opportunity to leave to the Market Square to take part in the official celebrations. These are usually quite big and there are concerts and fireworks. This does not mean that we are not eager to share a glass of champagne with the guests. On the contrary, we will be very happy if the guests stay with us longer but we want to provide them with an opportunity to add their own plans to the evening's agenda. Welcome!!!

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   Some alcohol included     Feel free to bring your own alcohol  

About the cook, Małgorzata & Piotr

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Małgorzata: Although I qualified as an architect my career was actually focused on... fashion design. I still design clothes for friends and family and occasionally on commission.

Piotr: I worked as an architect for 40 years and now retired. My main occupation, actually by chance, became preserving food at home.

We both enjoy cooking albeit in different styles and according to different recipes. Malgorzata often cooks according to five elements theory, as well as gluten-free and vegetarian. Piotr cooks according to his intuition which is spot on as he improvises often and can surprise even the most sophisticated foodies. And since we both prepare a lot of food preserves, we have now accumulated a large cupboard of compotes, jams, chutneys, caramelised fruit and veg and gherkins which we often use in our recipes.

We live in an old flat in central Krakow together with our cat and a large number of plants that are scattered along every window to get as much light as possible.

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