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Tasty teleport gates to Thailand 1368

In November 2016 I've visited Thailand and absolutely fell in love with it! Smiling open-hearted people, fascinating nature, calm golden Buddhas, perfect weather, unique Thai massage and of course tastiest fooood! I will share some flavours and flashbacks with you. The dishes I prepared will show you the sweetness, colourfulness and freshness of Thailand.

I will also prepare surprise for you to take home :D

Do you want to know how it feels like to be teleported to Thailand? Come and check it out :D

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About the cook, Chrys

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My main inspiration is asian food that I combine with fresh local ingridients to have a unique fusion taste. I am fascinated with vegan recipes and love to experiment and explore new lands in the kitchen. I love to connect vegetables with fresh herbs and fruit. I have artistic background and vegetables that I drew now land in her pots and pans :) I travel all my life and explore new cultures through their cusine. I've switched to vetegarianism in 2015 and feel more connected to animals and Earth in general. I don't like fanatic behaviour and encourage people to understand each other and that's why I don't make pressure on meateaters.

Let's meet and share some awesome moments!

More about me: https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/chryscina


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