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We love food from all around the world and we create our menu inspired by Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Western cuisines.

We offer a 3 course dinner (starter, main & dessert) with drinks (water or wine) for our guests.

We use vegetables from local suppliers with essential ingredients from authentic regional stores. We can also cook for vegan and food intolerant guests, so if you have any food allergies please let us know and we will adjust the menu!

About the cook, Tosca & Neeraj


We are Zofia (aka Tosca) & Neeraj and we love food :)

Tosca has spent a few years in Ireland and Spain while Neeraj is British with Indian roots and lived in Bahrain, Britain and Ireland. Now we are living in Warsaw.

Our diverse background is reflected in our cooking although we are both vegetarians.

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