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Spring (After Work - Almost Dinner)

We are waiting for spring, aren't we? I know, I know - there will be probably more snow, more frosts, more ice... But in March there is Hope. There is urgent need for fresh vegetables (no sauerkraut anymore!), plenty of vibrant colours, maybe new friends, too. So I want to add some fresh dishes to our tired end-of-winter meals and invite you for early dinner (or very late lunch) - the kind you can pop in after work, have some delicious food, meet new people, have fun and then still be not very late back at home. Come and check! Note that menu can change according to market's seasonal offer...

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Actually I am a specialist in international relations and wanted to be a diplomat... But my life turned out differently and now I love to cook, read about food and write about it, too. I like people. I like to feed them - it makes me happy. I collect cookbooks - in 7 languages! I have more than 1000 (but I read other books, too).

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