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Fermentation Time - Let's kiszonki! 6783

Let’s celebrate the last days of summer, together! This time, we’ll do something more than a picnic, but it’ll be loads of fun as well! It’s time to unite again - under a flag of Fermentation Workshop for that day. Let us take you for a trip to the world of fermentation. Once you start, you hardly stop but don’t worry, there’s three of us to guide you and we all love to pickle and experiment.

Who’s hosting the workshop?

Mira - you’ve probably tried her kimchi, haven’t you? Korean pickles welcome on board!

Bożena Stawicka. Fermentation is her true calling, she almost literally pickles everything edible. You name it and Bożena probably pickled that already. :)

Marta, the Polish-not-Polish kiszonki master. Expect the unexpected!

The workshop is just a reason to meet together. Is there a better way to spend last days of September than in Marcyporęba? Hammocks, croquet and fun, all provided.

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   Feel free to bring your own alcohol  

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We the cooks, unite to make our world a slightly better place to live. Believing that small actions have great impact, this time all of our efforts come together to cook and support the kids from the Children’s Centre at Parkowa Street.

We’ve got something really really nice planned - let's stay updated!

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