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Siamese temple - Thai table 1574

Em   (13)
Warsaw, Poland

I would like to introduce to you the place I called home for 1,5 years. Northern Thailand is the most ethnicly divers regions that is a home to Akha, Hmong, Karen, Lisu, Mien, Palaung and Lahu tribes. The flavours of this regional cuisine are sharp and bright and will shine onto your soul like a golden Pagoda on a pick of the northern mountains.

Reach the peaks of flavours and experience rich diversity of ethnic people from Northern Thailand.

About the cook, Em


kreatorka, podróżniczka, aktywistka, absurdystka, poszukiwaczka i zdobywczyni

I was raised by chickens in the heart of a cabbage-land. Since an early age I was exploring my creative side using any materials I could find in the hen-house with little enthusiasm from the chickens. When I reached adolescence I realized that my wings are strong enough to take me anywhere I wished so I flew to an island across the sea. There I learned about the cynicism of the business world. I came back and I learned about the cynicism of the academia. Years of university and corporation have almost completely wrecked my creative soul. Thus I took the little bit that was left of my soul and flew across the ocean to do something good. There I have learnt about the cynicism of the humanitarian world. I buried the ashes of my soul and I couldn't be more surprised when one day I saw it sprouting in a barren soil. Bashfully I started doing this and that. Now I'm back in the cabbage-land and I keep doing creative stuff including cooking.

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