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Vegan Polish Dumpling in Podgórze 331

I'm inviting you to experience cooking Polish dumplings in vegan version. Traditional polish cuisine is heavy and meaty, and my mission is to show my guests that it's possible and even very easy to prepare vegan polish cuisine!

I believe that if all people on the planet would be flexitarians, we could save the planet and be healthy. And for that we need to learn how to prepare delicius plant-based food!


Together we will start with sip of tea/coffee and learning about each other. I would like to engage you with some kitchen mindfulness activity in the beggining.


Then, we will prepare Polish 'Russian Dumplings' with potato, onion & 'cheese' feeling. I will teach you super easy way to make a dough. You will learn how to prepare vegan feeling which tastes exactly like the real Polish 'Russian' Dumplings! We will prepare some polish salad and I will teach you how to make vegan majo!


*main course : polish dumplings with potato, onion and 'cheese'

*sides: polish salad

*drinks: polish style tea / coffee

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   Feel free to bring your own alcohol  

About the cook, Alicja


I'm an avid traveller and explorer of places, tastes, cultures and

people connections.

Couple years ago I quit my job in IT and went on self-discovering

journey around the World. Travelling for 2 years in Asia and Oceania, spend most of my time among locals, cooking with them and searching for their hidden ingredients of joy and happiness. I believe that the best way to learn about new places, people and

their culture is just by sitting with them around the table.

Currently, I'm doing what I'm most passionate about - educating people about wellness

and running vegan & gluten free workshops. I gained cooking experience in

restaurants both in Poland and abroad, moreover by cooking with local people around the World. I'm interested in holistic approach to medicine, especially mind-body

connection. I went through wellness coaching training in Australia and lived &

meditated with monks in Asia. I love to run events and share what I've learned.

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