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Green Natalia - lunch in Żoliborz

My meals are aimed at all nice people who like to eat and chat - my everyday lunches are served at a big table in my old apartment located in Warsaw’s district called Żoliborz. I serve my lunches almost every day (except weekends). I cook dishes from all over the culinary world and my meals are mostly vegetarian, although you can get a nice piece of meat or fish, if you wish (just don’t tell my daughter - she is the Vegetarian!)… But you can always count on plenty of fresh, mostly ecological, fruit and veg at my table. I serve 3 courses: starter or soup, main dish and a small dessert (sometimes not so small!). You will get something to drink, too - ice tea, winter tea, pure juices from our orchard in the countryside, a glass of wine. You can also get a good coffee and tea (black, grean, fruit, herbal). One remark for allergy sufferers: I have a dog - he is very nice and cordial, but he is furry (an Irish Setter)- and a cat so if you are OK with pets then it will not be a problem. I promise you I can provide tasty meals, nice conversation and friendly atmosphere.

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About the cook, Natalia

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Actually I am a specialist in international relations and wanted to be a diplomat... But my life turned out differently and now I love to cook, read about food and write about it, too. I like people. I like to feed them - it makes me happy. I collect cookbooks - in 7 languages! I have more than 1000 (but I read other books, too).

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