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Taste China with Zoe 1619

China is a huge country. When people talking about Chinese food, they always say there are too many different styles and dishes about Chinese food. Yes! We have exquisite foods according to our large scale of the country.

In this Taste China, you would be able to try the different foods from different areas of China. Those dishes are the favorite ones of my family members. More importantly, all of them are 100% homemade, from the sauce, filling to the skin.

   Feel free to bring your own alcohol  

About the cook, Zoe


Hey~ This is Zoe. I moved from Shanghai to Krakow few months ago with my husband and daughter.

We've been visited many other countries as Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Germany, France, Iceland and Australia. No wonder, each time we enjoyed the local foods.

However, there would always come out a wish of having some nice Chinese dishes after a while.

I started to cook my first dish when I was a primary student. Yes, I was trying to find something interesting, meanwhile to comfort my stomach. And I made it! Since then, reading recipes and try to make different good tastes occupied lots of my spare times.

With my husband and daughter being very responsible for his new project and her new school life, I'm spending tons of times making nice foods at home. I'd love to share them with all of you.

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