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Authentic peruvian food in Krakow 1073

For first time, you will have the opportunity to try authentic peruvian food in Krakow, the most emblematic south american gastronomy.

Peru won fifth consecutive tourism award for best food. (https://perureports.com/2016/12/06/peru-wins-fifth-consecutive-tourism-award-best-food/)

Join Chef Piero on this journey of Latin flavors, with spices and authentic ingredients brought directly from different regions of Peru.

Join us for lunch on saturday, and dinner on Sunday.

Saludos amigos!

   Some alcohol included     Feel free to bring your own alcohol  

About the cook, Enrique

verified host

I am Peruvian living in Krakow for 5 years, me and my friend Piero (he is the chef) want to show and promote the Peruvian food in Poland.

With all our passion we invite you to try Peruvian food, while you listen and if you want, dance some Latin music.

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