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Only lovers left alive

Can't you wait for Valentine's Day or you just purely hate overwhelming love symbols in every corner of the city?

Here it's not so important.

Even if after THIS day only lovers will be left alive, still we can have some quality time together eating, talking and being together.

Prepare your stomach for a healthy splash! See ya!

   Feel free to bring your own alcohol  

About the cook, Martyna

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Hello foodies from all over the world!

I am Martyna and at the moment I live in Kraków, Poland. This is also a place where on daily basis I prepare my meals!

Kitchen table is the most important spot in the house, isn't it? I am in love with the idea of sharing great moments and inspiring ideas at the table while eating high-quality, seasonal and plant-based food. Wanna join?

Coming to my dinner you may expect mainly Middle-East inspirations and Indian cuisine. I use diverse kind of seeds, nuts, fresh fruits & veggies. And you should be prepared for some chocolate-based sweets as well!

When our stomachs will be full and happy we could talk about travels, books, movies and stories of our lives!

Feel invited - hope to see you soon!

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