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Burmese salad shop - veg adventure

Em   (13)
Warsaw, Poland

Situated at a cross-road Myanmar (also known as Burma) is an extremely ethnically diverse nation with over 130 distinct ethnic groups. In this multi-religious country you can come accross Buddist and Hindu temples, Christian churches, mosques as well as shrines of shaman's spirits. Hammered by all these diverse influnces the jewels of Myanmar cuisine come into being.

I invite you to explore the rich flavours of Burmese salads that are diverse in flavours and texture.

About the cook, Em


kreatorka, podróżniczka, aktywistka, absurdystka, poszukiwaczka i zdobywczyni

I was raised by chickens in the heart of a cabbage-land. Since an early age I was exploring my creative side using any materials I could find in the hen-house with little enthusiasm from the chickens. When I reached adolescence I realized that my wings are strong enough to take me anywhere I wished so I flew to an island across the sea. There I learned about the cynicism of the business world. I came back and I learned about the cynicism of the academia. Years of university and corporation have almost completely wrecked my creative soul. Thus I took the little bit that was left of my soul and flew across the ocean to do something good. There I have learnt about the cynicism of the humanitarian world. I buried the ashes of my soul and I couldn't be more surprised when one day I saw it sprouting in a barren soil. Bashfully I started doing this and that. Now I'm back in the cabbage-land and I keep doing creative stuff including cooking.

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