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Polish-American Sunday Brunch 1462

Are you new in town? Just passing through for a few days? A resident of Krakow looking for some inspiration for new things to do and explore? Please join us for a Sunday Brunch in our Kazimierz home where you can get a taste of some traditional Polish foods as well as some typical American brunch classics. At the same time, my husband and I can offer you some unique perspectives on what Krakow has to offer. My husband is the music editor of the Krakow Post, as well as a music journalist writing for a number of publications in the US and UK. He can offer you an insider's guide on what is going on musically in Krakow - the best clubs for rock, jazz, classical, and everything in between. I have become somewhat of an amateur Krakow historian and know of some places and stories that aren't on the typical 'list of things to see in Krakow.' We would love to share our discoveries with you as well as a meal based on some traditional Polish recipes from my grandmothers and mother and some American recipes I learned during my days working for a caterer.

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I am a psychologist and my husband is a music journalist and we moved to Krakow from the United States nearly 2 years ago. I have always loved to cook and worked for a catering company while attending college. I still love hosting people at my home and cooking for them while sharing stories. My parents are originally from Poland and it has always been my dream to live in Krakow and now I am fulfilling that dream.

My husband has been a music journalist for years and is covering the music scene in Poland for magazines and newspapers both in the US and UK as well as in Krakow. His favorite type of music is progressive rock, but he enjoys and appreciates all types of music.

I have been studying the history of Krakow and my husband the music here in Poland and we will be happy to talk about any of our knowledge while sharing a meal with you.

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