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Silver Natalia - dinners in Żoliborz

What do Belgians eat? Mussels, French fries, chocolate and beer! But - fortunately - that’s not all… I used to live in Belgium for nearly 15 years and - apart from many cook books - I brought excellent food memories, too. I will always associate springtime with huge, juicy, white asparagus spears from Mechelen (and winter - with wonderful Belgian endive from the same region) - the best way to eat them is top them with butter sauce with chopped hard boiled eggs and parsley (classically Flemish style - op Vlaamse wijze). Spring is also the season for chervil, Belgians’ favorite herb - they cook a traditional chervil soup with tiny veal meatballs. The beginning of summer means famous strawberries from Wepion, dunked - surely! - in melted Belgian chocolate… I invite you to my tiny place in Warsaw’s district Żoliborz - yes, it IS tiny, but my table is really big, so everybody can sit comfortably! My food is inspired by my collection of cook books - I have more than thousand. In my kitchen I use ecological vegetables, eggs are always free range and other products come from tried-and-tested producers. Service will be led by my kids :) Note that the Menu can change slightly as I am doing my shopping the day before the dinner and I choose whatever is the best.

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Actually I am a specialist in international relations and wanted to be a diplomat... But my life turned out differently and now I love to cook, read about food and write about it, too. I like people. I like to feed them - it makes me happy. I collect cookbooks - in 7 languages! I have more than 1000 (but I read other books, too).

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