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Morning braiding - challah&brunch 607

The mysterious Shabbat pastry, challah, baked usually on Friday morning. Full of attention process, symbolic shape and reach history helped challah to sneak on many tables. Nowadays challah is baked from Minsk to Marrakesh, but not everybody remembers about its Jewish roots. Let's braid and bake it together! According to this workshop, I will prepare delicious brunch based on old, before the world war, Jewish recipes

About the cook, Sabina


Hi :) I'm Sabina. I'm a rolling stone, food designer involved in many culinary projects. Since studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, I started to discover how fascinating and multicultural history stands behind my city. My grandma ran a bakery, I was brought up on best quality rolls, bread and pastries. I'm the owner of Głodne Kawałki, catering specializing in party food and founder of Mecyje, group of cooks discovering Polish and Jewish culinary roots. I cooperate with Polin Museum in Warsaw. My second home is in Athens

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