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Silver Natalia - French Automn 730

Cold? Rain? Falling leaves? Great! I am so happy that automn came - the best season for cooking. I do my shopping at farmer's markets and all these apples, pears, pumpkins, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes warm up my culinary imagination and it starts creating new dishes, new pairings, new meals... And in October it says: cook French, because glossy red apples, plump Guinea fowls and beautiful new walnuts ask for careful and proper treatment. So French it will be!

   Some alcohol included  

About the cook, Natalia

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Actually I am a specialist in international relations and wanted to be a diplomat... But my life turned out differently and now I love to cook, read about food and write about it, too. I like people. I like to feed them - it makes me happy. I collect cookbooks - in 7 languages! I have more than 1000 (but I read other books, too).

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