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Fundraiser for Brześć Kids!

Mili vs Maciek - eat out for Brześć Kids! 2525

Mili & Maciek. Maciek & Mili. The partners in crime for this one. Do you dig Jim Jarmusch? Have you seen Night on Earth? We'll take you for a ride through the streets of Seul, Beirut and Kraków and top it all with the fine tunes from Mili's LP collection, all of that, for a good cause - the streetfood boyz are all for the kids from Brześć!

What is it all about? We the cooks, always feel like helping. We’ve seen Marina doing so many good things for the refugee kids stuck in Brześć, that we immediately felt like doing something together and here we go - cooks united again. Come and join our dinner - all the profits from this one will be donated to support Dzieci z Dworca Brześć - learn more about them here:


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