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Hummus making workshop

Hummus is much more than creamy chickpeas spread. It’s rather an unforgettable adventure of various flavours and smells that deeply touches people all over the world. I would love to share my hummus passion with you and make a delicious, creamy spread together!

During the workshop we will prepare hummus together according to my unique recipe. I will share all the tips of preparing perfect, fluffy and creamy hummus – step by step from cooking chickpeas to decorating the plate of hummus. We will also have a dinner with our freshly-made hummus and my home-made snacks (pickled veggies and other specialties!). You will get a jar of your self-prepared hummus. See you soon :)

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About the cook, Kuba

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I have lived in Krakow for several years, but I was born in Silesia. This place means a lot to me, because my family home has become my first paradise of flavors and smells, a place of culinary delight and passion. Today cooking means dialogue for me, an endless story about getting to know other people. Passion of travelling still fills this story with a variety of flavors and colors. I am fascinated by people, I cook for them and with them - with people their otherness, diversity and life-stories.

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