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Fundraiser for Brześć Kids!

Very Polish Dinner for Brześć Kids! 1115

What comes to your mind when you think about Polish Dinner?

Maybe a rich-flavoured stock with homemade noodles and for the second course - schabowy with mashed potatoes? And overwhelmingly sweet apple pie for a dessert?

Yep, you've just guessed a menu of an average Sunday dinner of an average Polish family.

What do you think about trying it out in a slightly different version?

How about Very Polish Dinner made VEGAN?

But beside delicious vegan food, we will do a good deed - the aim of the dinner is to collect money to support refugee families living at the train station in Brześć, while waiting for months to cross the Belarusian-Polish border.

If you don't know anything about this case - you can read about it at the FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/280229399134599/ or Marina's page: https://www.facebook.com/DzieciMariny/, or just come to the dinner - as I am interested in the topic myself, I could tell you a bit about the situation of refugees and migrants in Poland and whole Europe.

So... see you at Żoliborz!

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About the cook, Małgorzata

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Being a young studying/working girl who lives in a big city and tries to figure it all out, who chooses to ride a bike rather than commute and prefers a plant based diet over a traditional polish cuisine for some people seem to be some kind of millenial-neohippie lifestyle. My answer to that always is the same - even if that's true - what so, if I enjoy it so much?

I am a Polish teacher for foreigners and as a volunteer, I help at a local NGO that offers different forms of support for refugees and migrants. Recently I started working as a cook at a vegan/vegetarian cafe in the city center - every day I learn something new about vegan cooking!

My friends make fun of me that I always talk about three topics: refugees, food and my little dog. Well...

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