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Ahmad became a cook in Kraków


Kraków, Poland
3 hrs
Ahmad joined Eataway in Kraków

Kraków Poland

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5 hrs
Cornel posted a shared meal in Timișoara
18 EUR
11 hrs
denise booked a meal with Marta in Kraków
120 PLN
Sat, 2 Feb @ 10:30
311 reviews
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denise joined Eataway in Edinburgh
11 hrs
Renata reviewed a meal with Mira
Mira’s dinners are always a big culinary adventure. This time we discovered a real flavor of Korean cuisine. All homemade, fresh and delicious. We spent a lovely evening in family atmosphere – as it is usually in Mira home. I recommend everyone to book Mira dinners.
11 hrs
Lilian reviewed a meal with Natalia
It was a very great experience. Natalia and her partner was very friendly and fun to talk to. They made us feel very welcomed. Food was delicious. 10/10 would recommend!
12 hrs
Magdalena joined Eataway in Essen
Judith joined Eataway in Bonn
Zuzanna reviewed a meal with Mira
After reading reviews you know it is going to be a good experience for sure, but how good it is you are not able to imagine! Food is delicious & Mira and KP are magical. Thanks for everything!
2 days
Kathinka joined Eataway in Zutphen
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Vanessa joined Eataway in Kiev

Kiev Ukraine

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17 Nov 2018

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13 Oct 2018

Nowości Toruńskie

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17 Sep 2018

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22 Aug 2018

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